Mine Modeling & Analytics Lab

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Current Projects

  • Application of UAV technology for real-time collection of mining data
  • Development of a mobile multi-sensor core logging facility
  • Characterizing the effect of micro and macro heterogeneity of rock on its comminution behaviour
  • Quantification of blasting parameters and the relationship to heterogeneous and anisotropic nature of jointed rock masses
  • Development of spatial numerical models for reliable pit slope design


Immediate Doctoral and MASc Vacancies



MM&A research group is devoted to conduct advanced research and to train highly qualified personnel in the areas of mine design and mine to mill process optimization. These areas are arguably essential for operational efficiency of mining operations. More specifically the research group aims to explore development of predictive analytics and smart modeling solutions for mining industry that allows better mine design and continuous process control and optimization. Our ongoing research projects fall into the following three key interrelated categories:

  • Development of innovative methods for real-time collection of high-resolution mining data, data integration, analytics and visualization;
  • Development of predictive spatial models of rock mass properties based on advanced statistical and geostaistical approaches;
  • Investigation of the influence of rock mass heterogeneity and anisotropy on its responses when subjected to different static and dynamic loading conditions (i.e. influence of heterogeneity and anisotropy on rock mass strength, fragmentation and stability).